TV Appearance



On the 9th of November, I was fortunate enough to be par of a news broadcast for the norwegian television station TV2, the largest commercial television station in all of Norway. I was called up and asked to be one of their guest correspondents during the student riots in central London (Trafalgar Square), and was part of the live broadcast for the 17.oo news broadast (the most-watched news broadcast during the day- yes, I was more nervous than I have been my entire life)

Me at Trafalgar Square. Source.

I reported on the demonstrations, how they were going, how the situation was in terms of violence/trouble/etc,  all the arrests that had been taking place at Trafalgar Square, what the students were demonstrating for and so forth.


So, for those of you who understand norwegian, here’s my TV debut as a reporter – enjoy!


(I do not own this clip. No copyright intended. All credit goes to TV2)