Profile: Pogo


From Disney to Dexter, Lord Of The Rings to Harry Potter, Willy Wonka to Mary Poppins, Johannesburg to Bhutan – the names ring a bell in our head, but what kind of bell?

You probably see the images in your head of movie scenes, people, places – but do you hear the sounds of it all, the music that drives them all?

Nietzsche once said “Without music, life would be a mistake” – and one person who most definitely agrees with him is Austrailian VJ Nick Bertke – more commonly known as Pogo.

Interview with Pogo

Entering the world of Pogo, or Fagottron as he is known on YouTube, for the first time was in my case, by accident. Browsing popular YouTube videos, I stumbled upon a little gem of a video called Alohomora. Thinking it would only be a fan-made tribute to Harry Potter, the 3 000 000 + views made me decide to give it a chance, and what I found was nothing but a brilliant and unique return to my childhood.

By mixing sounds from the first three Harry Potter films, Pogo created a wonderful 3 minute song, capturing the essence of the films in simple phrases and sounds few of us would even consider using.

Alohomora by Pogo

Browsing through some of this other videos, the famous Alice In Wonderland video, the tribute to the Pixar film Up!, as well as the Lord Of The Rings remix, my love for the work by Pogo grew bigger.

Bloom by Pogo

What is brilliant is the uniqueness of his videos – they are not simple music videos; they are perfectly cut music videos made from sounds we all consider mere background noise, but come to realize are sounds that can together create beauty – the background music of life, if you will.

His latest video, Kadinchey,  made of sounds and voices he recorded whilst visiting Bhutan, captures another world through voices, instruments and beautiful film to go with it, inspiring assumably many viewers (myself included) to see it in real life.

Kadinchey by Pogo

You can wonder if this is the future of music; to use sounds we all know and mix them using the technology we have today. And with youtubers like Fagottron/Pogo, we can experience sounds of places, people and memories we might have forgotten. One could even say his videos from around the world can be a new form of photojournalism; capturing places and events through their sounds, their music and capturing the spirit of the places and people from wherever it might be.

Pogo will be releasing more videos from around the world, as well as his normal mixes of pop-culture films.

Joburg Jam by Pogo