Interview With A Journalist: Dag Stamnes, TV2

The 11th of January I was fortunate enough to get to interview Dag Stamnes, a journalist for Norway’s biggest news channel, TV2. Dag gave us a tour of the entire TV2 building, located in the centre of Oslo.

Stamnes gave me a tour of the entire building; newsrooms, editing rooms, green rooms, makeup rooms, sets from daily series, news broadcast set, as well as the remaining rooms in the massive building, which was an amazing experience – especially since I have appeared on TV2 before.

My appearance on TV2.

Here are some of the pictures from the tour.

During our interview we talked mostly about how technology has changed the shape of journalism and how it is now a tool of great importance. Stamnes talked with excitement over the way TV2 uses technology to give access to all reporters all material they get, how their computer systems work, and how his most beloved piece of technology, his iPhone, has changed the way he worked, and made his job easier. We discussed the technologies he uses on a daily basis, as well as what kind of inventions he would have would have invented, where he replied a tool which would make it easier to grab still-images from a video. Even so, he feels that technology today has made everything so much easier, going from having to process actual film to it all being digital and easier shared, as well as saving time in the production process. Stamnes emphasised on the importance of meeting people; in the digital era, it is easy to keep in touch with people over the internet, as well as make contacts there. Stamnes clearly stated the importance of actually going and meeting people face to face, travelling, and most importantly,getting contacts from all over the world, in various fields.

“Technology is only a tool.” Stamnes said, explaining how so many now rely on technology doing most of their job – you must only consider it a useful tool that can guide you, inform you and help you, but not do everything for you. As easy as technology has become to make so many jobs easier, trusting it too much is dangerous.

You must go out into the world – not only cyberspace.

Yes – I got to sit in the chair the news broadcasters use on television 🙂