My Favourite Photography Tips From 2011

Is there something 2011 has taught me, it is how to become a better photographer. From shooting still-life, portraits, landscapes and sports, I have used the web to gather my knowledge of how to take the perfect picture.

One of my proudest moments as a photographer – Lead singer of Dimmu Borgir, performing in London.

Starting to study journalism this year, I wanted to learn how to take more professional photos and combine them with journalism – in other words, have them tell a story.Journalism is changing, and as many journalists agree, the importance of photo-and videojournalism is growing as digital media’s power is growing.

Here are some of the websites, videos and articles that has helped me do so.

1.The New York Times & Lynn Hirschberg‘s Approaches To Celebrity Interviewing

“Joseph Gordon-Levitt” – One of the most-watched Screen Tests.
Since 2007, The New York Times have used YouTube actively to post short, black & white interviews with celebrities – also called “Screen Tests”. Their channel on YouTube has gotten an astounding…, interviewing celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Tyra Banks and George Clooney. Hirschberg also posts the same type of videos for W Magazine’s YouTube channel.

“Lynn Hirschberg’s Screen Test: What movie made you cry?

The videos, simple as they may be, always stood out to me as great new ways to perform interviews and capturing a person onto camera.
2. National Geographic –  Photography Guide for Beginners (ebook)

Screen Shot

A free downloadable PDF that contains everything you need to begin your profession as a photographer, explaining all the basics, difficult expressions and how to use your DSLR camera properly. Even as someone who had used a DSLR before, this free guide cleared a fair few things up. Great pictures, easy to understand and overall a good beginner’s guide to photography.

Screen Shot

3. Andrew Smith – Photojournalism Technique (ebook)

Screen Shot

Yet another free PDF, this time focusing on photojournalism in particular, through the eyes of photographer Andrew Smith. – Honest and an interesting read, with clever facts and harsh truths about the profession. I always find his story on how it was shooting Elton John an interesting read.

4. Masterclasses by Discover Wildlife

Screen Shot

These guides taught me a lot of what I know about animal photography; how to capture the perfect moments, how to photograph during different weather situations and the importance of the environment one is in. Includes tips and tricks you can use both for your pictures, as well as what you might need to protect and take care of your camera. I especially love the layout and the small sections that may give you inspiration for what kind of pictures you could take when you are dealing with a certain environment. Perfect guides for both professionals and beginners.

Screen Shot

5. Reynoldsjournalism video on YouTube about photojournalism

Power of Photojournalism – Part 1

Power of Photojournalism – Part 2

Nothing but a great, great documentary about photojournalism, including loads of excellent pictures and interviews. Two videos that have impacted me greatly on how I perceive photography, photojournalism and its future. Touching, interesting, inspiring and beautifully made.


Canon 60D

A couple of weeks back, I treated myself to a Canon 60D, with a 17-85mm lense.
Now, I have to admit – when it comes to the technical aspects of cameras in general, I am no expert. However, testing technology is something in which I love.

Now, I haven’t had excessive experience with cameras in the past – I own a Canon 450D, a Sony HRD-CX105 AVCHD Handycam and a Sony DSC-TX5 waterproof camera, as well as having tested out some other Canon and Nikon DSLRs, but regardless of that fact, I know a good camera when I’m using it – and this is by far the best one I’ve ever tried.

Now, as for the technical details, I must admit, I am no pro. For that I’ll leave you to a more thorough review than mine.

However, I thought I’d share a few pictures I’ve taken over the past weeks: