Some may call me naive, others optimistic. Young at heart, I like so many others before me, have an urge to change the way the world works. Words have filled my mind with eccentricity ever since I was a child, and as a love for politics came with age, journalism became an ambition over the years.

Coming from a multicultural family, with roots in both Africa (Kenya), the Middle East and Norway, my perspective on world issues can be somewhat different from a lot of other people my age, and as a journalist I hope to enlighten the people of my generation, as well as use journalism to enlighten the problems in the world which need resolution – especially those whom we can so easilly fix if we only put our minds to it.

A goal of mine is to be a photojournalist, and possibly moving on to documentary filmmaking. I also enjoy doing photography and filmmaking on my spare time, as well as writing prose, currently working on my second novel and first script for a short-film in the making.

I currently study journalism at Kingston University. On the side, I also write comments and articles on the blog The Comment Factory, make short films on YouTube (coming soon), as well as updating my personal blog regularly.

This blog is part of my assessment in journalism, and will only contain posts revolving around journalism and technology.


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