Lunchtime Lecture: Peter Rudge/ Duckrabbit – “Look At Something Long Enough, And You’ll See Something Different”


“Journalists as a group are the best at telling stories – they get the most practice .” says Peter Rudge, part of the digital-production company Duckrabbit.
On November 23rd, Rudge came to Kingston University to discuss Duckrabbit, storytelling, and video versus photography.

“Good stories are endlessly attractive, and satisfactionary to people. IS a story well-told, we’ll experience some emotion through this.” says Rudge, as he discusses storytelling, and the importance of capturing the essence of a story. Duckrabbit is all about combining media to create a story that will captivate people, using photography, film and music to create the perfect picture of  a story, capturing not only the context of the story, but most importantly, the essence of it.

“Slapping The Fat Woman” – A Duckrabbit video.

Founded by Benjamin Chesterston in 2009, Duckrabbit makes films with different medias such as still-photo, animation, audio and photography, and mix them together in what Rudge referred to as “Photofilms”, where photography would be the dominant visual media. Having made videos for big companies such as the BBC, Duckrabbit believes it is all about ambiguity, as Rudge refered to their logo showing both a rabbit and a duck. If you look long enough at the picture, you will see something different, and to him, it is the same with journalism and a story – there is always something more than what we see at first glance.

To Rudge, the importance of photo and video in journalism is growing, as more and more people prefer visuals as opposed to text. It is easier to connect with people, evoke emotion and share it with others than it is with text – as the saying goes, a picture tells more than a thousand words, and to Rudge, this was definitely the case.


A problem with media however, is people’s attention span. Reading a newspaper is something you chose and take your time doing, whilst watching a video online is something in which comes with a lot of difficulty. We are so easily distracted, so a video must stand out, and by using photography and audio on top of it, Rudge believes their videos stand out.

When answering questions from fellow students about how to succeed as a journalist and if digital media is the way to go, Rudge replied that media is the only correct way to go.

“Naïve to think that written journalism will be the only dominant force in years to come.” says Rudge as he finishes an enlightening lecture about the importance media will have on the future of journalism.

Make sure to check out Duckrabbit’s Official Page, Vimeo and Twitter.


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