Occupy Wall Street

  1. Occupy Wall Street in NYC is being raided by the police. Watch livestream: livestream.com/occupynyc #ows
  2. Americas Occupy Wall Street turns online for basics
  3. VIDEO: NYPD clear Occupy Wall Street camp: New York police have dismantled the Occupy Wall Street camp in Zuccot… bbc.in/tqytKp
  4. BBC News – Occupy Wall Street: New York police clear protest camp bbc.in/tNFqwm #ows #ofs
  5. What We Saw at the Occupy Wall Street Protest
  6. Sounds like Occupy Wall Street had a visit from NYC’s “housekeeping service” in the night.
  7. Police beat back Occupy Wall Street protesters, dozens arrested
  8. Many people were in support of #occupy movement until they lost their focus/message, bit policeman, and let Michael Moore be a hypocrite.
  9. Michael Moore speaking to activists at Occupy Wall Street
  10. Here’s How Occupy Wall Street Came To A Sudden, Unexpected End Today:
    Occupy Wall Street as we know it is over…. bit.ly/tVd1bc
  11. Our Revolution has begun! Time to take note and spread the word folks…the more eyes are watching this…the police will have to chill out on the protesters…this country is waking up and the elites are bummed:}

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